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Authored Books

Poem Counterpoem, by Randall and Margaret Danner (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1966).

Cities Burning (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1968).

Love You (London: Paul Breman, 1970).

More to Remember: Poems of Four Decades (Chicago: Third World Press, 1971).

After the Killing (Chicago: Third World Press, 1973),

Broadside Memories: Poets I Have Known (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1975).

A Litany of Friends: New and Selected Poems (Detroit: Lotus Press, 1981).

Edited Books

For Malcolm: Poems on the Life and the Death of Malcolm X, edited by Randall and Margaret G. Burroughs (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1967).

Black Poetry: A Supplement to Anthologies Which Exclude Black Poets, edited by Randall (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1969).

Black Poets, edited by Randall (New York: Bantam, 1971).

Golden Song: The Fiftieth Anniversary Anthology of the Poetry Society of Michigan, edited by Randall and Louis J. Cantoni (Detroit: Harlo, 1985).