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Turandot and Other Poems (1953)

Some Trees (1956), winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize

The Tennis Court Oath (1962)

Rivers and Mountains (1966)

The Double Dream of Spring (1970)

Three Poems (1972)

The Vermont Notebook (1975), illustrated prose poems

Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975), awarded the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award[16] and the National Book Critics Circle Award

Houseboat Days (1977)

As We Know (1979)

Shadow Train (1981)

A Wave (1984), awarded the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize and the Bollingen Prize

April Galleons (1987)

Flow Chart (1991), book-length poem

Hotel Lautréamont (1992)

And the Stars Were Shining (1994)

Can You Hear, Bird? (1995)

Wakefulness (1998)

Girls on the Run (1999), a book-length poem inspired by the work of Henry Darger

Your Name Here (2000)

As Umbrellas Follow Rain (2001)

Chinese Whispers (2002)

Where Shall I Wander (2005) (finalist for the National Book Award) [3]

A Worldly Country (2007)

Planisphere (2009)

Quick Question (2012)