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This bibliography is taken from Castillo's official web-site,

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  • Loverboys, 1996.
  • My Father was a Toltec and selected poems, 1973-1988, 1995.
  • Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma, 1994.
  • Ana Castillo reading from her works [sound recording]. 1994. Recorded Dec. 2, 1994, in the Recording Laboratory, studio A, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. for the Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape.
  • Sapogonia : uncorrected proof : an anti-romance in 3/8 meter, 1994 (uncut version of the novel).
  • So Far From God, 1993.
  • The Sexuality of Latinas, edited with Norma Alarcón & Cherríe Moraga, 1991 (también en español) .
  • Sapogonia: (an anti-romance in 3/8 meter), 1990.
  • My Father Was a Toltec: poems, 1988.
  • Esta puente, mi espalda : voces de mujeres tercermundistas en los Estados Unidos, editado por Cherríe Moraga y Ana Castillo; traducido por Ana Castillo y Norma Alarcón, 1988.
  • The Mixquiahuala Letters, 1986 (reprinted in 1992).
  • Women Are Not Roses, 1984.
  • The Invitation, 1979 (reprinted in 1986).
  • Otro Canto, 1977.

works included in:

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