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To aid direct searches for applicable criticism, all of the currently available criticism is listed below with the associated poet, poem, criticism type, and tags, as applicable. Criticism can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Title Poet Poem Criticism Type Tags
Bonnie Costello: On "The Fish" Elizabeth Bishop The Fish Poem Criticism Christ figure; historical imagining; sexual quality; contradictions; figurative possibilities; mortality; culture
John Hatcher on: Aunt Jemima of the Ocean Waves Robert Hayden Aunt Jemima of the Ocean Waves Poem Criticism mythological; resilence; symbol; Afro-American; idenitity; survival; strength; fake; culture
John Lowney on "A Step Away from Them" Frank O'Hara A Step Away From Them Poem Criticism personal poem; 1950s; contemporary; Time Square; urban scene; Lunch Poems; mortality; Federico Fellini; the Film Industry; Pollock; movies; Manhattan Storage Warehouse; BULLFIGHT; The Day Lady Died; culture
On "Dust World" Poem Criticism Sioux; Reservation; Wind; Poor; America; sexuality; violence; post-colonial; culture; Redskin
On "Scalp Dance by Spokane Indians" Poem Criticism Indian Life; Scalp Dance; Spokane; Dance; mythology; culture; ethnography; West; Race; Paul Kane; American History
On "How to Write the Great American Indian Novel" How to Write the Great American Indian Novel Poem Criticism American Indian; Novel; Pop Culture; Literature; Hollywood; Rez Boys; Native; Smoke Signals; Sarcasm; Stories; culture
Michael Simeone: On "A Colossal American Copulation" Adrian C. Louis A Colossal American Copulation Poem Criticism Fuck; moral; culture; resistant; frustrated; angry; position; irrelavance; concern