Neil Schmitz: On "Patriarchal Poetry"

In 1927 Gertrude Stein writes a long poem entitled "Patriarchal Poetry" that exactly measures her distance from the canon. A busy subject, patriarchal poetry is this, is that, is just about everything. It writes patriotic poetry: marches left right, left right. It writes sonnets: "To the wife of my bosom." It is the name and the character of the text, a comic mask. The poem ends with singsong, with Mother Goose, with a "Dinky pinky dinky pinky dinky pinky lullaby." It is a wicked thing to do to Patriarchal Poetry, to show its dinky pinky, not take it seriously.

Patriarchal Poetry not to try. Patriarchal Poetry and lullaby. Patriarchal Poetry not to try Patriarchal poetry at once and why patriarchal poetry at once and by by and by Patriarchal poetry has to be which is best for them at three which is best and will be be and why why patriarchal poetry is not to try try twice.


Title Neil Schmitz: On "Patriarchal Poetry" Type of Content Criticism
Criticism Author Shirley Neuman, Ira B. Nadel Criticism Target Gertrude Stein
Criticism Type Poet Originally Posted 21 May 2020
Publication Status Excerpted Criticism Publication Gertrude Stein and the Making of Literature
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