Mary Jarrell

Mary Jarrell: On "Recollections of Stevens by Acquaintances"

"The next morning we were at breakfast at the Yale Club. Randall was across the table, and I was somehow next to Stevens, We were talking generally, and I said something about seeing Ninotchka in New York with Randall. Stevens came alive immediately. "Garbo!" he said. He talked about always wishing he could meet her and how beautiful she was, that she really was his favorite actress in the world. There was a pause. I knew Randall well enough to know that he was being a little audacious – here it was, a table full of people – but he had a direct question that he wanted to ask Stevens.

From Peter Brazeau, ed. Parts of a World: Wallace Stevens Remembered (San Francisco: North Point Press, 1985), 179-180.