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To aid direct searches for applicable criticism, all of the currently available criticism is listed below with the associated poet, poem, criticism type, and tags, as applicable. Criticism can also be filtered by these criteria using the sidebar on the right.

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Title Poet Poem Criticism Type Tags
Richard F. Dietrich: On "Space being (don't forget to remember) Curved" E. E. Cummings Space being (don't forget to remember) Curved Poem Criticism Irony; Satire; Sarcasm; Science; Images
Harry B. Shaw: On "Gay Chaps at the Bar" Gwendolyn Brooks Gay Chaps at the Bar Poem Criticism America; Struggle; individualism; racism; WWII; soldiers; Sarcasm; Uncertainty; poverty; youth; ignorance; Religion; music; doubt
Jerald Ramsey: On "For A Coming Extinction" W. S. Merwin For A Coming Extinction Poem Criticism whale; Jonah; animal extinctions; Tone; Sarcasm; Irony; persona; despoilers; burden; imagination; evocation; The Lice; Dying
On "How to Write the Great American Indian Novel" How to Write the Great American Indian Novel Poem Criticism American Indian; Novel; Pop Culture; Literature; Hollywood; Rez Boys; Native; Smoke Signals; Sarcasm; Stories; culture